Local Media Map

The data posted on the map are based exclusively on publicly available data. More information can be found in the Methodology section.

local Media in numbers
61 Tv Stations
152 Radio Stations
203 newspapers
452 Websites
Mapping of local and regional News Media in Greece

The interactive map of local and regional news media in Greece was created and is maintained by the iMEdD team for the purpose of informing all interested parties regarding the country’s local and regional news media. The map shows their distribution by region and format, as well as the name of each media outlet, address and web address – for those media outlets that have websites – and the language in which they create content. Following similar models of local and regional media outlet mapping, we understand the term “local and regional news media” in a more general and inclusive sense. Local and regional media outlets are defined as those that are local or regional in scope, publishing and broadcasting news and opinion articles or commentary on topics of local interest. Local media include daily and weekly newspapers, local/regional radio and television stations, and local websites. These websites are either affiliated with some other outlet (e.g., newspaper, radio or television station) or are digital native media.